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Sasha L Jewels New Vintage- Inspired Jewelry Collection


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Sasha L Jewels New Vintage- Inspired Jewelry Collection

Vintage is in the vogue. With vintage in full swing, SLJ is excited to debut its new Vintage- Inspired Jewelry Collection! This line captures the retro romantic simplicity of previous eras stemming from the 1920s to the 1960s. No longer reserved for the artsy, quirky gal, the antique inspired fashion style is embraced by the eclectic woman who is eager to make a bold statement.

The recreation of the vintage style is ageless, timeless everything that Sasha L Jewels jewelry collection embodies. Even celebrities and mainstream continue to recreate the looks. With the anticipated release of the Great Gatsby next month, art deco and vintage are in full swing. Daisy Buchanan is yet another celebrity who is taking this look by storm.

Tell a story with your style wearing these timeless looks. Transcend the definition of vintage.

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